Are you worried about what the election means for your finances?
Wondering when the economy will recover?
Hoping your finances are prepared?

Tune in to our webinar to hear our fiduciary advisors discuss the answers to these questions. Daniel reviewed what occurred in the economy and the stock markets in 2020. Jaimee reviewed some key investing topics that matter for your personal finances. Jim concluded with what the 2020 elections mean for your investments.

Key Takeaways from the discussion are:

● No one can really predict the future.
● Since COVID-19, the economy has been improving
● When there’s volatility or fear, DO NOT SELL!
● The stock market has trended higher regardless of which party has been in office.
● Election years tend to have lower returns.
● Election years tend to have a more volatile stock market due to the uncertainty.
● Politics can influence the economy, but there are other factors that impact it more.
● Affecting your finances is not the same as affecting your investments.
● Ensure you are diversified
● Have enough in cash reserves
● Have adjusted your asset allocation to mirror your current stage of life
● Have you discussed your financial situation with your spouse

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