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We are set apart from other advisors in many beneficial ways:

  • As a small family business partnered with strong financial services companies in the industry, we believe that you get the best of both worlds: financial strength and individual, personal attention.
  • We not only advise our clients on investment strategies but also help clients form a plan and provide the tools to build your financial success. From investment management to tax, estate, education and retirement planning, we provide guidance and the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.
  • We are a “Fee-Only” investment management firm, offering advice not influenced by commissioned investment products (ie loaded mutual funds, annuities) and practice fiduciary responsibility to our clients.
  • We offer a wide range of investments so that we can find what is most suitable for your needs and use a discount broker to save you money.
  • We contact our clients on a regular basis to check in and to update client on the progress of their accounts.
  • With over 25 years in combined experience, we have lived many “financial lives” and are experienced with “bear” markets.
WHAT DOES BEING A FIDUCIARY MEAN?2019-03-25T08:09:53-07:00

A fiduciary is an advisor who is in a position of trust with the discretion to manage assets for the benefit of others. As fee-only advisors and fiduciaries, we are held to a high standard of care and use prudent investment processes that best protect our client’s interests. This means that our advice to you will never be influenced by commissioned investment products such as annuities. We will always keep your best interests at heart.

WHAT IS A FEE-ONLY FINANCIAL ADVISOR?2019-03-25T08:09:22-07:00

A Fee-Only financial advisor is paid in a different manner than an advisor selling commissioned investment products such as annuities. Fee-Only firms are paid by management fees based on the client’s assets under management. There are NO commissions on any transactions and no additional charges for financial plans or any of the other services that we provide our clients.

WHAT IS YOUR INVESTMENT MINIMUM?2019-03-25T08:08:42-07:00

Our clients are required to have a minimum of $100,000 in invested assets.


If you would like a review of your investments or would like to explore the benefits of becoming a client, please complete this Questionnaire so that we can learn more about you and your needs. You may email, fax or mail the form to us. We will then follow up to discuss the services you are looking for. If you would like to call first, please feel free to call Toll Free: 877-422-4770 or Local: 970-249-9900.


Learn more about Elderado Financial:

Step 1 – Investigate – Please learn all about our financial services by browsing our website.

Step 2 – Research – Check out our firm, Elderado Financial, with the regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission and review any customer feedback at the Better Business Bureau.

Step 3 – Review – Read a copy of the required form EFI Form ADV Part 2A & 2B and review our Asset Management Program Agreement.

Step 4 – Questionnaire – Send us a completed confidential information form. Complete the Questionnaire online or click on the link to print the form so you can complete by hand. You may email the completed form to [email protected] or fax it to 970-252-3940. Feel free to include other financial documents that you wish to discuss.

Step 5 – Interview – Once we receive the questionnaire we will contact you to set up a conference call. During the conference call, we will address your concerns and interests regarding your finances

Step 6 – Partnering – You decide if you wish for us to help you on your journey fulfilling your financial goals and objectives by completing the Asset Management Agreement and all necessary forms.

Step 7 – Build and Monitor – We will design a comprehensive plan that addresses your financial challenges and manage your assets according to your personal goals and objectives. You will receive regular emails, phone calls and newsletters. We expect to meet with our clients periodically for a comprehensive discussion of their situation.


Learn more about us and if our services are a match for your needs.

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