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Celebrating 25 Years

2023-06-23T15:01:26-06:00June 23rd, 2023|

We have been in business as fiduciary advisors for 25 Years! In 1998, Jim and Janet Elder founded a registered investment advisor firm that is now known as ElderAdo Financial. The original firm was located in Arvada, Colorado and this is where the business began to take off. Jim and Janet did many things to ...

2023 Mid-Year Market Update

2023-06-23T14:58:48-06:00June 23rd, 2023|

by Daniel CarnesWe all know that 2022 was a difficult year. The 10-year U.S. Treasury Bond had its worst performance since 1788, and the stock market was in a downturn. Most of the pain was caused by the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes to subdue the Covid-era induced inflation.At the beginning of 2023, the markets ...

A Tale of Two Investors

2023-05-22T09:41:33-06:00May 22nd, 2023|

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. But this story isn’t about two cities. It is about two investors. Two brothers actually, we will call them Billy and Randy for this story. Ten years ago, their mother passed away. After her funeral, the two brothers came into my office. I ...

Focus on What’s Important

2023-05-22T09:39:41-06:00May 22nd, 2023|

met a couple a few years ago who were in their early 70s. For this story I will call them Jason and Carrie. As in many couples, one managed the finances, in this case, it was Jason who handled the finances during their marriage of 50 years. Carrie knew the basics, but if anything were ...

Making the Most of Your Social Security

2023-04-13T12:29:02-06:00April 13th, 2023|

On January 31, 1940, the first monthly Social Security check was issued to Ida May Fuller of Ludlow, Vermont. She received $22.54. Before passing away in 1975, she collected $22,888.92 in Social Security benefits. Interesting trivia aside, many younger folks have little faith that Social Security will be there for them when they retire. According ...

Annual Summer BBQ – 2022

2023-04-13T12:26:14-06:00April 13th, 2023|

ElderAdo Financial hosts an annual summer BBQ for clients, family, and friends to come out and enjoy an evening of fun, music, food, drinks, yard games, face painting, and more. This quick video highlights all of the fun we had at the 2022 BBQ. Thank you to everyone who joined us! ...

How the Updated Retirement Laws May Affect You

2023-01-24T10:16:51-07:00January 24th, 2023|

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019, popularly known as the SECURE Act, was signed into law in late 2019. Now called SECURE Act 1.0, it included provisions that raised the requirement for mandatory distributions from retirement accounts and increased access to retirement accounts. But it didn’t take long for Congress ...

2022 Year in Review

2023-01-24T10:10:46-07:00January 24th, 2023|

2022 was a difficult year for many. We saw war in Europe, spiking energy prices, high inflation, a volatile stock market, a tense mid-term election, and interest rate hikes to name a few. The favorable economic circumstances we had in the 2010s (low-interest rates, low inflation, and modest economic growth) shifted last year. The economy ...

Long Term Care and Your Options

2022-11-14T09:53:56-07:00November 14th, 2022|

Long-term care includes a whole host of services that you may require to meet various personal needs. And eventually, around 60% of us will need assistance with things many take for granted, according to the Administration for Community Living, a division of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Whether it is because you have been visited ...

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