When markets are as volatile as what we’ve been experiencing, it can actually be a good time to make progress toward your long-term financial objectives. No matter what’s happening in the economy and financial markets, we’re always on the lookout for ways to bring you closer to your goals; even as we remain focused on executing your financial plan, we’re never standing still.

With that in mind, the current situation presents us with opportunities to “clean up,” or fine-tune a few aspects of your portfolio and how you access money to sustain your retirement. The checklist below outlines the three main categories in which we might have room to optimize: asset allocation, tax efficiency, and retirement strategies.

Staying the course doesn’t have to mean standing still.


Asset Allocation

  • Consider rebalancing.
  • Reevaluate risk tolerance.
  • Review active versus passive holdings.
  • Review high-cost versus low-cost holdings.
  • Address concentrated equity positions.

Tax Efficiency

  • Review funds for tax efficiency.
  • Review accounts; possibly rebalance to original policy asset location.
  • Evaluate the merits of a Roth conversion.

Retirement Strategies

  • Discuss strategies for spending in retirement.
  • Discuss withdrawal order from taxable and tax-advantaged accounts.
  • Discuss spending rates.
  • Review clients’ liquidity buffer.
  • Assess the impact of the CARES Act.

Which of these items—if any—we evaluate in greater depth will depend on your specific circumstances. The key thing to remember: Even during events that lie largely out of anyone’s control, you still have meaningful levers within your control to keep your financial goals on track. As you have questions about putting any of the above topics into practice, please contact us, as we’re here to help.

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